Trioflor Heterogeneous flooring includes various kinds of colors and patterns, suitable for different scenes and occasions.
●  Excellent durability and wear resistance to heavy traffic and abrasion, adopting the thick wear layer and special UV coating.
●  No need for initial polishing with UV coating. Excellent stain resistance and easy cleaning: adopting the special UV coating.
●  Sanitized treatment with nano- silver technique: strong antibacterial function.
●  Dimensional stability: adopting spedal fiber glass layer.
WHY CHOOSE Ocean™/Star™/Triocare™
With the concept of health, safety and environmental protection, we will continue to optimize and improve the raw material formula of PVC flooring products.
The products use the new generation of environmentally friendly palsticizer.
The only plasticizer in the industry that does not contain phthalate and endangers human health.
The only plasticizer in the industry that is suitable for both children`s toys and contact products.
TVOC is a general term for volatile organic compounds, mainly derived from the release of fuel explosive products and artifacts ( such as interior decoration material, paints, furniture, flooring, etc).
The TVOC release of the product is nearly zero, which is in the best level in the industry to ensure the optimal indoor air quality.

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