Why CHOOSE Trioflex™


Trioflex™ adopted the pure PVC material with even texture and high density of form layer.

The super elasticity and resilience force makes sure the flooring is safe enough to play freely. The professional flooring design makes the friction coefficient kept between 0.45-0.60, the anti-slip and strong grip force prevent the players from injuries.

Abrasion Loss

Trioflex™ was tested strictly according to EN14904 standard.

For abrasion resistance test, under EN14904 standard, the abrasion Ioss  is ≤ 350mg after 1000 rounds at the speed of 60 rounds/min with load of 2.5N, while the Trioflex™ PVC sports flooring's abrasion loss is only 19.9mg, means the Trioflex™ flooring is much more durable and anti-ware, it brings much longer life span than other brands.

Indoor Air Quality 

Trioflex™ adopted the environmental-friendly material and fully adapted EU standard DOTP plasticizer. The TVOC emission is less than 350μg /m³ with no harm to players, and largely reduces the risk of asthma and other allergies.