Slip Resistance

Compared with other flooring like rubber flooring or ceramic flooring, the TRIOFIT flooring has special designed UV surface treatment and special designed surface pattern, these two points help a lot on the slip resistance performance. The perfect slip resistance offers very comfortable and safe playing area to the exercisers to avoid them falling down.

No Indentation

When the traditional flooring be put under the fitness equipment for long time, it is difficult to recover, TRIOFIT professional gym flooring adopts the superior inner plastic coated cloth with high density, which keeps the flooring with the best recovery ability. The indentation rate is ≤ 0.5mm under the EU standard test, there is no obvious indentation after long time pressure, it greatly increases the flexibility, beauty and utility for the whole gym.

No Stain

TRIOFIT gym professional flooring adopts the advanced UV treatment on the surface layer, and specially reinforce the PUR through strong ultraviolet light to make the cleaning & maintenance easier and cheaper.